Clutter Awareness Week

Spring is officially here, and the third week of March marks National Clutter Awareness Week. I’m not altogether sure who came up with this concept, but hey, if it gets you looking around your house and inspires you to get rid of a little mess, then I’m all for it.

At the Neat Freak’s house, we’re in clothing transition mode for the kids. Roller coaster temperatures have made this a little challenging, but we’re just layering to cope. We’re so lucky to receive massive amounts of hand-me-downs (many thanks to my sister for conveniently giving birth a year ahead of me each time…and the same gender to boot!), so we spend very little on clothing for the kids. With every season change comes the drawer-clearing, bin-emptying task of switching out clothes.

Here are a few of my favorite ways of keeping on top of the ever changing wardrobes of my two mini’s:

1. Purge and re-stock twice a year.
2. Find a buddy with kids close in age that you can swap with. My friend Mary Beth has a son older than my son, and a daughter younger than my daughter–so we have a nice swap system going.
3. Keep two bins in each child’s closet–one for “too big” and one for “too small”. When purge time roles around, empty the too small and pass it along to a friend, donate or consign what no longer fits. “Too big” hopefully becomes “just right”–so if it’s seasonally appropriate, move it into drawers.
4. Inventory items prior to shopping. There are many good deals to be found right now…but know what you need before you buy.
5. Involve the kids in the process. As much as I love an organizing project, and as much as my kids loathe one, I still feel that it’s their responsibility to help out. Plus, they can try things on and weigh in about what they like and will really wear.

Happy spring, and happy clutter-clearing!

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