Ask the Neat Freak…


Q: What do you think of Cozi and the other family organizer websites out there? Do you use one? Do you have a favorite?

Signed, Frantic Parent

A: Hello Frantic Parent,
I’m a big fan of family planners and to-do lists like Cozi , Google Calendars, and Remember the Milk. For me, what it all boils down to is everyone in the family has to be on board and participate or really, it’s just a fancy calendar that only mom sees. Regular communication between family members is required to make sure projects and to-do lists are up to date.

I encourage weekly family meetings where everyone sinks eCals, paper calendars, and upcoming events. I suggest doing this over a meal and have everyone bring to the table what they have going on in the next 7 days that impacts time, meal planning, transportation, special clothing or equipment, and more. Once you have that meeting, you can divide and conquer. Treat it like a business meeting where everyone leaves with action items that they’re responsible for. Use your tech tools as a reminder, but not your only source of communication.

With all of that said, I’m personally an old-fashioned paper calendar girl. I love tech tools but I can’t shake my enjoyment of writing down a to-do list, activities and appointments on paper. Just remember, the tool itself isn’t what makes it work…it’s how you use it!

The Neat Freak

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