Hidden Treasures

Today I was trimming back some azalea bushes in our yard (*the* most beautiful blooms this year!), and I discovered a hidden treasure. Growing between two overgrown bushes was a lovely pink dogwood tree. It’s only about 4′ high but has several pink flowers on it…and I imagine if given some space and sunlight, it will have many more next year. We have loads of white dogwood trees in our yard, and don’t get me wrong, I love them (it’s the state flower of North Carolina, afterall), but I’ve always wanted a pink flowering dogwood. And there it was, hidden in our overgrown, desperate-for-a-trimmin’ azaleas.

Finding this hidden treasure got me thinking about clutter and how it can often hide hidden treasures in our homes (and sometimes there is actual treasure underneath all of that crap…like the $1500 check a client once found, or a lost-but-not-forgotten $5000 watch another client unearthed!). Sometimes clutter is hiding the stuff you really love, and sometimes it’s just hiding your “real” home…the home you desperately want to live in, the one that reflects the real “you.” So what are you waiting for? Go forth and unearth your treasure!

Check out my new website @ http://www.neat-freak.com. There’s treasure to be found there, too!

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