Legos out the Wazoo

While working on my newsletter, I received this question via FaceBook

Q: Dear Neat Freak, Please solve the Lego issue! Should we attempt to keep Lego sets intact or mix? We do both kinds of Lego play — creative and by the book. I have such a love-hate relationship with the darn things!

Drowning in Lego

A: Dear Drowning…I have my own Lego-maniacal kid at my house and while I love the creativity they inspire, keeping them organized is no easy task. If your child does enjoy creating Lego masterpieces by the book, then I really think you have no choice but to keep sets together. If that’s the way he/she wants to play, then your child needs to understand that it means keeping the box and instructions together, with the Lego inside, and only pulling out one set of Lego at a time.

If, on the other hand, your child is willing to throw caution to the wind and allow his/her Lego to be mixed, then I think small stacking plastic drawers are the answer. You can sort by color or size or just toss them all in the drawers together. Any child who is old enough to play with Lego is also old enough to clean them up! Sometimes a good threat of the vacuum cleaner sucking up the strays is enough to get my son cleaning them up pretty quickly (did I just reveal a little of my neat-freaky mom meanness???). Works every time at my house.

And if you’re looking for a creative tool that is functional and fun, you might check out this cool tool that sorts Lego by size: Box 4 Blox

Have other Lego or toy sorting ideas or questions? Post them here!

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7 Responses to Legos out the Wazoo

  1. Jeri Dansky says:

    For all sort of Lego storage options, see my post here:

  2. perr1ker5h says:

    Jeri…thanks, as usual, for your super comprehensive solutions. As kids grow with their Lego collections, I think storage options grow, too. I like to keep it fairly simple at my house b/c I’m trusting that my 5 year old will play with them independently (not too many “MOM…I can’t find my favorite fan piece that is the only thing that will power my special bi-plane design” screams during playtime) and clean them up independently. I like the Box 4 Blox idea, and the individualized storage bins. While I love the table, I just know I’m not buying another big piece of furniture for our play room (train table pretty much doubles as a Lego table). Your ideas are amazing…I look forward to a future in innovative Lego storage design at my house.

  3. Suzanne says:

    My son loves legos and we were having the same problem. We do not keep ours together but we do keep the books in case he wants to go back and put them together. He just searches for the parts in the box and sometimes he has to improvise which helps his creativity. Now on the subject of where we keep them…his bed has a box trundle on rollers that we took the mattress out of and he keeps all his legos, lego creations and even some small plastic boxes with certain pieces he plays with often in there. Hope this helps.

  4. josianna says:

    My two boys have an insane amount of Lego. They like to make creations from their own imaginations but will also spend hours following the instructions that came with the kits. Here’s what I did to tame the Lego monster:

    1) Set up a nine-cube storage unit
    2) Found the Lego identifiable as kits and gave each kit a labeled ziploc bag. Put the kits into the soft cube drawers that fit in the unit. We have enough kits now that I’m using luggage tags to label the soft drawers – “lego vehicles”. “bionicle”, “lego train set” etc.
    3) Sorted the rest of the Lego into different colours and put them in clear, labeled boxes. They stack, two per cube, in the storage unit.

    We’ve found this helpful because it cuts down on the searching time when the boys are building to a kit. The amount of Lego they have to sort through to find that all important part is limited to one box. Also, when I find random Lego on the floor I can put it into the relevant colour box and know that the boys can find it easily again if they need it.

    We call our solution “The Lego Station” and use the top of the storage unit for display of recent creations.

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